Lifeline Investigative Services

​Private Investigators and Professional Process Servers  
Serving North East Indiana and North West Ohio

35 Years of individual Law Enforcement and Investigative Experience

Why Should you hire us?

We are committed to working hard for you and will conduct our investigations carefully and confidentially.  We handle cases of all varieties, whether they are local, national, or international.  We are the best private investigators Indiana has to offer.

Some types of cases we work include gathering evidence for divorce proceedings, background checks for potential employees, asset location and locating missing persons.  We also provide Investigative Services for attorneys and corporations, and are experienced in all forms of surveillance.  We make sure our reports are thoroughly written and well documented for you.  Our discretion and professionalism set us apart from other Private Investigators.

All of our cases are given great personal care.  Any questions or concerns you have will be answered by one of our attentive managers.  Every case is unique and different buy our experienced investigators will get you the answers you seek.

We know hiring a Private Investigator is a sensitive situation, and we will do our best to help you with Integrity , a high degree of Service and the utmost Professionalism!

-S. Gerber, PI